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Criminal Investigations


While the police are the first agency, you think of when considering a criminal investigation. The police are limited however by civil process statutes that private investigators are not bound to. Furthermore, police departments are overburdened with criminal cases and working on tight budgets. We understand that victims need to find closure on criminal matters. Our team of professional criminal investigators is trained in criminal justice methods and the local statues where we do business.

Many times average citizens who are victims of crime are not satisfied with the results of a police investigation. The police also experience frustration as they are limited to the number of man-hours that they can spend on any one case. In cases such as stalking or sexual harassment, the police are simply unable to perform the surveillance necessary to prove a case. In this instance, the victim is left to wait for a violent end to the situation, which will prove the case.

In order for the victim to recover damages resulting form a crime in criminal court, they need to prove their case. While the burden of proof in a civil case is less than that in a criminal case, you still need to prove your case. We work with police agencies, attorneys and directly with clients to investigate the criminal action and lay the foundation for a successful prosecution. We do this through thorough witness interviews, evidence collection, and evidence preservation.