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Employee Theft

Oakmont Employee Theft | PA | Passant Investigations |

Statistics from the US Chamber of Commerce estimate that approximately 75% of employees steal from the workplace on a regular basis. It is also estimated that one third of all bankruptcies are a direct result of employee theft. Theft is not limited to stealing products however. Employees also commit theft through timecard fraud, also referred to as time theft, stealing office supplies, inaccurate reporting for paid days off, expense report fraud, and others.

In a simpler world, an employer would catch an employee stealing an item or cash and terminate them. Today’s high tech society has spurred high tech employee theft, which is difficult to prove without a professional investigation. Furthermore, unless you 

catch them red handed, it is difficult to terminate an employee for theft, without evidence to support the accusation.

We are highly skilled at assessing your total business to identify areas of employee theft. Our investigations include reviewing inventory and financial records, time sheets, employee backgrounds. Once potential areas of employee theft are identified, we set up a dedicated surveillance team that gathers evidence to support our suspicions. Once enough evidence is gathered, we work directly with the client to construct the total scenario so that the entire problem can be eradicated. Our investigations enable our clients to not only terminate the offending employee, but in many cases formal criminal charges can brought to seek civil damages from the employee once he/she is terminated.

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