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Liability Claims

Oakmont Liability Claims | PA | Passant Investigations |

A good rule of thumb is to substantiate any liability claim. While the assumption is not that the injured party being fraudulent or misrepresenting the claim, a full investigation is necessary to cover all bases. The first step in investigating the claim is to understand the each party’s stance and the issues surrounding the libelous event. The next step is to know the insurance coverage available that may cover the claim or any other responsible party.

We aggressively investigate liability claims on behalf of insurance companies, attorneys, and private parties. 

While on the surface the claim may appear to be cut and dry, often times it is not. We have successfully investigated liability claims for our clients that have resulted in them being only responsible for a small portion of the claim, and in some cases, no responsibility at all existed.

Liability claims are adversarial by nature, as all potentially liable parties deny any culpability and point the finger at the others. As it is within the right’s of the injured party to bring a lawsuit against any party they feel may be responsible, liability claims tend to waste a lot of time and resources. We are the direct route to resolving your claims as we quickly resolve the issue from the client’s perspective so they can bring resolve the action. Our clients are professionals in their field, yet they understand the expertise that a private investigation firm brings to any claim. Let us be your experts in the investigation portion of your claim.

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