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Public Record Research


Public records are government records that are on file. They usually consist of court actions, including bankruptcies, business filings, and judgments. Public records enable you to learn about a person’s use, or misuse of money, if they have been convicted of a crime or where they have lived over the course of their life. If a person has a social security number and state driver’s license, there is a long trail of public records available. Locating full public records on an individual takes a fair amount of hands on experience to master.

We are skilled at extracting private information from public records. For example, bankruptcy filings contain social security numbers and vehicle accident reports contain driver’s license numbers. As experienced investigators, we know which documents produce the most information. In addition, our public record search methodology enables us to follow a person’s records across state lines, as far back as birth. Through our advanced network of government databases, we can narrow our search by region or focus on a specific range of record types. Unskilled researchers may get lucky on occasion, but we hit the mark every time.