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Oakmont Surveillance | PA | Passant Investigations |

Our surveillance team uses the most technologically advanced covert techniques and equipment available. We conduct a full investigation and provide our clients with a detailed summary report and all video surveillance footage, photographs, and documents obtained during the investigation. Before all investigations, we meet with our clients to gather information on the subject of the investigation. We seek to understand the client’s needs and what the investigation results will be ultimately be used for. The next step is to develop a well organized surveillance plan, which will accomplish the goals outlined in the initial meeting.

Surveillance can assist with matters of employee theft, worker’s compensation and disability claims, labor disputes, employee checks, domestic matters, and property protection, among others.  Have you ever wished that you could be a fly on the wall so you can really see what is going on? We can make that happen for you.

Our tactics include video, audio, and vehicle surveillance. We perform surveillance in a wide range of situations and conditions including private and public property and have an arsenal of nigh vision equipment as well. The results will provide you with the answers you are seeking and produce the evidence necessary for you to move forward with your decisions. Our services are surprisingly affordable, for even the average citizen.

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