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Witness Location

Legal actions and court cases take time to develop. The more time it takes to get your case to court, the greater the chances that your witnesses will move or get out of touch. Some witnesses want to be lost and purposely go underground or leave the area to avoid testifying or giving a statement. We can locate just about any person nationwide, no matter how long they have been missing. Our witness location and skip tracing services are tailored to our client’s unique needs. We locate witnesses through database and records searches. If that does not produce the location of the witness, we will launch a physical investigation to locate the witness.

Some clients are forced to rely upon witnesses who are unwilling to testify, but there is no other option as they hold key evidence. In these instances, we are highly skilled at working with the witness to alleviate their fears and apprehensions to testifying. In some instances, the witness must be subpoenaed in testifying. Our services include process service so that once we locate the witness; it becomes clear to them that they have no other option but to testify.

We have located witnesses who have been underground for several years. Many times, the witness has been less than 10 miles from their original place of residence, but has kept a low profile. We are skilled in locating a witness who appears to be a needle in a haystack.

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