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Background Checks

In today’s perilous world, people are not always what they appear to be. Some are purposely hiding information about their past so that they are not thought of badly. Others are bad people, who have a need to keep their real selves hidden in order to continue to perpetuate their ruse on the world. In some instances, a person’s past may not be material. There are times when it is completely necessary to know all relevant facts about a person’s past.

We offer background-screening services to employers and other organizations that range from a very basic level, to sophisticated background checks that go back to a person’s childhood and span the entire country. We offer our clients advice on which level of background check is appropriate for their situation.

We also provide background services for individuals as well. For example, if you are considering hiring a nanny or housekeeper, it is important that you know their history prior to letting them around your family and in your home. We recommend that you do not take any chances and perform a background check at any time you feel that knowing the information is necessary.  Our services will give you piece of mind and enable you to make informed decisions about those around you.

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