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Domestic Investigations


Typically, domestic investigation services provide the client with evidence related to marriages, custody, or domestic violence. While most states have a no-fault divorce law, there is still a lot at stake in a divorce hearing. A domestic investigation aims to uncover the truth of a domestic situation so that the information can assist one party in the divorce hearing.

Many times, a spouse attempts to hide assets in order protect assets. Some cases involve accusations of spousal abuse. A well executed domestic investigation will enable the spouse to substantiate the allegations so that they become fact instead of hearsay.

In child custody cases, there are questions of unfit parenting and questionable lifestyles of one parent. Unfortunately, many battling parents make false or unsubstantiated claims against the other parent. As a result, these accusations need to be proven in a court of law. It is critical that credible evidence be obtained to present to the court.

In a domestic investigation, we eliminate the emotional aspect of the project, and operate as professional fact seekers. This approach produces the most credible results as we present only the evidence, which speaks for itself. While we have been the bearers of good news in instances where accusations are unfounded, typically when a parent or spouse has a strong suspicion of certain behaviors, the evidence substantiates those suspicions.